Day 5

No Day 4, was there? Was there for you?  For me it was a day of teaching and travelling.  I thought there might be words on the train, but there was only noise, chaos, delays and – um – something I’d forgotten I’d downloaded from iPlayer…  Today, in a purple hotel room, was the first chance I’d had in a long while to simply – focus.  To think of this book and nothing else.  As such, it felt quite a “planner” kind of day and I thought I’d generated very little.  However, when clicking that fantastic “project targets” button on Scrivener, I found I’d clocked up 2147, somehow.  Not enough to make up for yesterday, but more than I needed to write today.  I’m less behind than I thought I would be, so – whoop whoop!  And because I’d cracked the 5K mark, NaNoWriMo even sent me a little good will.  And, frankly, can’t we all use that?  How are you doing, anyway?
Thanks, NaNo – see you tomorrow! screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-21-50-39


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